Turkey is a key market with high growth potential and endless investment opportunities for our clients. We are a law firm dedicated to our clients, through perfection of legal services we provide. We proudly provide our clients with a wide range of capabilities in our practice areas, making us a full service law firm. Our priority is our clients; our tools are innovation and perfection.



Our extensive experience, premier client base and history of working on complicated legal transactions give us:


     Thorough understanding and awareness of our clients’ needs;


     Anticipation for future steps of any legal transaction;


     Unmatched dispute resolution capability both nationally and internationally;


     Deep understanding and cognisance of the region and commercial hinterland;


     Access to a wide global network of partners.


We are a dynamic team of new generation lawyers, with excellent academic records and extensive experience in the fields of practice we specialize in. We are capable of understanding our clients’ needs to produce innovative solutions with tailor-made perfection to fit our clients’ needs. We are based in Istanbul with a global reach to a geographically diversified client base, and close contacts with a solid global network of professionals.

We are members of International Bar Association (www.ibanet.org) , London Court of International Arbitration YIAG (www.lcia.org) , International Chamber of Commerce YAF (www.iccwbo.org), Arbitral Women (www.arbitralwomen.org), Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (www.drb.org).

Our team serves in Turkish, English and French.


Our experience includes a wide range of sectors and legal services. Our team has unrivalled expertise working on dispute resolution, commercial and corporate law matters, including specific focus on certain areas where specialization is the real deal.


Our principal practice areas are as follows:


We have extensive experience representing investors in international arbitration proceedings, related enforcement proceedings before Turkish courts as well as representation of claimants and defendants before Turkish commercial and appellate courts.

We have extensive experience in arbitral proceedings related to major disputes before ICSID and ICC as well as ad hoc arbitral proceedings, their enforcement proceedings before Turkish courts, and similar arbitral proceedings on behalf of international investors. Our arbitration experience not only provides our clients with a top-tier law firm with a solid background, but also with unparalleled power of anticipation in contracts negotiations for our clients opting for arbitration in their transactions.

Our Turkish litigation experience includes representation of a wide range of parties in a selection of commercial and civil litigation. We act as a one-stop shop for all arbitral proceedings, with our capability to follow-up local enforcement proceedings. We have also acted on behalf of claimants and defendants for the purposes of liquidation of collateral and collection of commercial receivables. Our Turkish litigation experience also includes representation of clients in arbitral proceedings before Turkish arbitral committees, in accordance with Turkish arbitration rules.

Our notable representations include a wide range of premier client base, ranging from multi-national construction conglomerates to European public institutions.


Our experience is unmatched in terms of our understanding of the construction sector. We provide our clients with ultimate capabilities of a one-stop shop service. Our past representations with giant multi-national construction conglomerates will help our clients with our wide range of skills from unmatched anticipation in contracts negotiations to providing innovative solutions for local enforcement procedures.

Our abilities include advising in international merger & acquisition projects in construction sector, drafting international construction contracts, advising construction companies in relation to the PPP projects in Turkey, management of the international construction contracts, especially FIDIC based agreements including FIDIC Yellowbook, Redbook and Silverbook.

We advise clients in construction sector in the DB/DAB proceedings prior to the resort to arbitration providing strategic approaches in line with potential arbitration procedures.

3.      TENDER LAW

We provide our clients with legal consultancy services and we actively support all their needs at all stages of preparation, documentation and submissions for public tenders, which is crucial in the current landscape of Turkey’s geographical location and dynamic economy. We closely assist our clients in post tender procedures of any nature before administrative authorities or administrative courts.

International tender reviewing and contract negotiating is also one of our core practice areas in parallel with the growing need for a pre-bid review of the tender documents as a tool of dispute prevention and legal risk assessment.



We have experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of business law, including representation of our clients in complex commercial transactions including capital markets transactions, bankruptcy, bank lending and other private finance, drafting, managing and negotiating contracts, administrative procedures, permits and authorizations. We also provide general corporate advice to our clients as part of our understanding to put priority in our clients’ needs.

Our corporate and commercial law practice also specializes on providing our clients with general legal advice relating to the recently amended laws and regulations of Turkey relating to Commercial Law, Civil Law and Law of Obligations.


We represent a diverse range of prime clients in the mergers and acquisitions area, ranging from Turkish conglomerates to foreign investors; both buy side and sell side. We also represent foreign investors on joint ventures in Turkey, as well as Turkish companies on their international transactions.


Our office offers consultancy and litigation services through its team comprising of academic and practitioner lawyers.


- Acquisition of Properties on behalf of Foreign Citizens


Citizens of many countries have become eligible to purchase property in Turkey by the elimination of reciprocity requirement between Turkey and the country of the purchaser with the latest amendments made in Title Deed Law in May 2012 and Council Of Ministers decision taken in the same direction. Legal support regarding completion of property purchase transaction of foreign citizens of various countries and provision of title deeds (TAPU) is the primary service provided in our firm.


- Construction Contracts in Return for Apartment Flats


Consultancy and advocacy services are provided in the preparation of contracts and law suits arising from such contracts.


- Contract of a promise to sell an immovable


 It refers to a preliminary contract which gives the right to request for the formation of the sale contract. The purpose is to ensure the execution of the sale contract.


- Lawsuit to Recover Property


It refers to law suits when the owner of a property demands the return of the property by filing a suit against the person who has the property without any right. If the property of which its possession desired to be obtained is a movable property, the execution of the decision obtained at the end of such a law suit will provide the return of the property to the owner. If the subject of the case is a real property registered at the land registry, the function of this law suit will be the correction of land registry recordings


Suit to Prevent Intervention


It refers to a lawsuit providing the prevention from the ongoing attack against the owner’s possession and thus his right of possession. In such cases where the use of authority arising from right of possession is hampered unlawfully, this law suit gives an opportunity to the owner of the right to protect him against such intervention


Actions for Eviction


Our office provides consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and natural persons to collect their receivables in Turkey. Our main principle is to ensure our client to obtain his receivables in the fastest manner with the lowest cost.


- Initiation Of Execution Proceedings at the Enforcement Office with the Execution Proceedings ways such as Attachment, Foreclosure of Mortgage, Collection of Negotiable Instruments


 - Applications for the Grant of Provisional Attachment and Suspension Decisions


- Suit of Nullity And Withdrawal of Appeal Suit


- Negative Declaration Lawsuits


- Execution Proceedings related to Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Law Suits


- Postponement of Bankruptcy Applications for Companies


- Lawsuits Initiated at the Execution Courts in relation to the Execution Proceedings


- Criminal Lawsuits initiated due to breach of Execution Law provisions


- Actions Of Debt



As Çetinel Law firm, we offer efficient and cost-effective services to our Turkish and International clients regarding protection of their Intellectual Property (IP) and personal rights online.

We have an extensive first-hand experience representing our clients in Internet Domain Name disputes before WIPO and before Turkish courts.

We represent our clients’ interests in case of infringement of their IP rights (trademarks and copyrights) and personal rights on Internet.

Our services include representing our clients in Internet Domain Name disputes before WIPO, defending their IP rights and personal rights before Turkish courts, providing advises and negotiation services in case of an infringement through Internet.



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